Fionnula McHale – Fitness and Mental Health

Fionnula McHale – Fitness and Mental Health

In May this year I was at SportsMind 2017 in Dublin which was a fantastic event based on Mental Health in the Health/Fitness/Sport Industry. Dr Fionnula McHale was one of the speakers and I knew straight away I wanted to have her on the Podcast. I was delighted when she said Yes, she was so passionate about this subject.

This Podcast is quite short. (Totally my fault as I was stuck in lovely Dublin traffic lol and Fionnula had to catch a train)

Normally we record this Podcast outdoors in parks, beaches or very relaxing environments. As you will hear (because I was late) we recorded this on a very busy Dublin street with a variety of background noises – Apologies but it’s something different lol.

Anyway, check out what Fionnula’s thoughts are on a range of topics relating to Mental Health in today’s world.

We will be recording another Podcast together in the near future so look out for that one.


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