What is the #30Days30Photos Challenge?

This challenge was set up by a couple of my favourite Authors, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus otherwise known as The Minimalists.

It involves taking one photo per day and sharing it on Instagram. Check out the link below:

30 Days, 30 Photos

Why am I doing this 30 day challenge?

To be honest it’s purely down to focus and gratitude.

I’m taking one photo per day to help me focus and be grateful for the people I have in my life and be grateful for my life in general. This reminds me to stop and think every so often rather than running around being “busy” all the time.

Sometimes you get more done by doing nothing – A bit of a riddle I know lol.

Collect your thoughts Guys, it will help you to focus and be grateful for what you have.

Check out my Instagram Feed for my #30Days30Photos and why not give it a go yourself.


(Oh, the his link is now gone due to me having zero Social Media, Sorry Not Sorry Lol)

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